Book News!

The manuscript was finalized yesterday! You have no idea how hard it really is to write, proofread, edit, revise, proofread, re-write, scrap, re-write, edit, proofread, revise and proofread. I also guarantee that after printing, there will still be typographical or grammatical errors that I/we missed. But, it is finished!

If you’d like a chance to receive a free copy, signed by both Terry and Vicky, please go Like/Share or Love/Re-tweet the photo below on Facebook on Vicky Edwards, Author page or @svedwards on Twitter.

You can also get a signed copy of the book at the Arts in the Park author signing hosted by the Garland County Library on May 2nd. Both Terry and Vicky will be in attendance. Details below!

And finally, if you’d like to attend a workshop session about writing memoirs and get a little insight into working with Terry and the whole book publishing process, you can sign up here It’s free! It’s fun!

The Opperman Report

Five years ago Terry was one of the first guests on The Opperman Report. You can view that segment titled “West Memphis Three Special” #TerryHobbs #WM3

Ed Opperman also did a segment titled “Where the Monsters Go: The Case Against the West Memphis 3 Killers.”

Book Buzz

The edges of the box were soft and worn from handling. It looked like it would have fallen apart, except for the layers and layers of packing tape stretched across the top. I laid the box knife on the table. Despite the heavy August air, my arms had goosebumps. Terry sat across from me, gazing at the pool or perhaps, staring off into the woods behind the house. I couldn’t really tell.
“Is that all of them?” I asked.
He nodded. “Yeah, ‘cept for maybe a couple. Pam took some of them when she left and I ain’t got them back.” He ground out the remainder of his cigarette in the flower pot turned ash tray beside him.
“Why don’t you start from the beginning and tell me, in your own words, about that day?” With pen in hand, I settled in to hear a story I knew well, but that I had never heard him tell me.
Terry began talking. For some time, I furiously took notes in an abbreviated shorthand, but as he got into the story, I quit writing and just listened and watched. Occasionally writing down a question to ask later.

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