A Day at the Park

The only people missing from a perfect day were Bryan’s boys and Stevie.  Amanda’s babies were here this weekend and we decided to have a cookout.   I was happy that both my children and Amanda’s were able to spend the day with me.  Pam heard we were all getting together and decided to come and spend the day with all of us.  Lots of laughter, fun, hamburgers and hotdogs filled our hearts and bellies as we played, ate and visited. 

I know that Pam and I have had our differences, but we will still care about one another.  We’ve both said things in anger and hurt.  Today, Pam sent me a text message and I wanted to share it and let others know that we both have faults and we both try to forgive.


The pictures were all in fun.  Pam is stabbing me with a fork.  The group photo has Amanda, her baby girl, myself, my son Bryan, Pam with Amanda’s son and two other children who were enjoying the day with us (whom we have blurred out for privacy reasons.

The day was beautiful and we enjoyed it like a regular family.  Nobody was fighting and there wasn’t any drama.  At the end of the day, I’m not sure who was more tired, us or the kids!



Amanda, myself and Pam talking about nonsense.

Pam and I goofing off. 

Pam’s text:  “Good morning.  Thank God it will be nice and quite 2day.  Thank u for your forgiving heart we know I have said stupid stuff mostly out of anger because I didn’t know sooner my baby didn’t come home.  Forgive me for the hurt my anger caused.  Have a great day!

I hope each of you enjoyed this beautiful Sunday as much as we did.Posted by Picasa
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3 thoughts on “A Day at the Park

  1. What is the purpose of this page??? This makes you look more guilty by putting this out. Like you are trying to put this image out that you are a great family man. This you are not. You are as Guilty as Guilty can be. Might as well stamp on it on to your forehead.

  2. All of you are sick. And how any of you have custody of children or allowed to be with children is crazy. You shot Pam's brother who dies 9 yrs later. I am sorry those 3 boys died. I think those 3 boys died and look who is left. You guys are left. How sad. Byers and Branch had no chance in life with parents like you. Get the crack and meth pipes and beer ready. Its a hoe down show down with a bunch of back wood idiots. You all are the Devil.

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