To my friends and family–Thank You!

Overall, life’s been treating me pretty good.  I’ve been working hard on my music and have been getting some really good feedback.  I’m looking forward to good things in that area of my life.
Amanda is out of jail. That makes me happy but I wish she would realize she has a long life ahead of her and she needs to take responsibility for her actions and straighten up.  One thing I’ve learned in life, if you keep doing the same things over and over again, you won’t ever get past what’s holding you back. I would like to thank the Heart Song church family for their prayers and support during this time and for the love and support offered to both me and Amanda.  
Pam called and texted a few days ago telling me she was in the hospital.  She thinks stress is is causing her problems.  She’s back home now and doing fine.  Her health is important and I wish she would quit worrying about things and quit letting her family and friends stress her out.  I’m glad she called and let me know she was doing better and heading home.
Lots of people have come in and invaded our (Amanda’s, Pam’s, mine and other family members) privacy in order to make a buck—all the while three little boys are being forgotten in the quest for the exoneration of three child murderers.  To the Hollywood sideshow, get a life and leave the victims alone.  By continually harassing, poking and probing, you keep picking wounds open—never allowing the family’s to heal.  You sugar coat your goals with the words “justice for 6” but you are only pouring salt on the wounds of the parents who lost their children forever. 
To all my family and friends in the Ozark Mountains, thank you for your prayers and support.
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