A New Low – By Gary Meece

A new low,’ says father of murdered WM boy

Moore thanks FedEx for withdrawing from ‘pathetic charade’

By the Evening Times news staff

Todd Moore, the father of one of the three 8-year-old boys killed by local teenagers Damian Echols, Jessie Miskelley Jr. and Jason Baldwin in 1993, has issued this response to Echols’ appearance at a “fireside chat” Monday with the Commercial Appeal in Memphis:
“Much has changed over the last twenty years, and that certainly includes technology. What hasn’t changed is the three monsters who murdered my son remain as guilty of that crime today as they have since May 5, 1993. 

“The appearance of convicted child killer Damien Echols, including a cameo with his co-convict Jessie Misskelley, Jr., today at a Memphis convention was insensitive, tasteless and outrageous. The only reason to have Echols participate in a ‘fireside chat’ with a Commercial Appeal business reporter was the same reason promoters used to put on freak shows. Echols had nothing substantive to contribute other than his infamy. Echols’ murder of my son Michael and that dear child’s two friends is the only reason he was invited to discuss technology despite whatever spin is put on it.

“I have grown almost accustomed to the exploitation of the murder of my son. Tremendous amounts of profit have been made off this tragedy. What the Commercial Appeal and those convention sponsors did today, though, was a new low. I again want to thank FedEx for having the courage and common decency not to be part of this pathetic charade.

“Todd MooreFather of murder victim Michael Moore”

FedEx pulled out of sponsorship of the business technology expo last week after learning of Echols’ involvement.  Echols, Baldwin and Miskelley were released from prison in August 2010 after pleading guilty to brutally murdering Michael Moore, Stevie Branch and Christopher Byers in 1993 in a wooded area off the service road in West Memphis. The plea deal allowed them to maintain that they are innocent despite the guilty pleas.

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