Terry Hobbs Saddened By Latest Accusations

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Latest Accusations

March 29, 2013, by
(Memphis) Terry Hobbs says he is not ready to speak on camera but he is saddened by the latest accusations.  In fact, he says this is a “sad story that keeps getting sadder”.

He’s supposed to be a victim in the story: a man who lost his step-son to a brutal murder in 1993.  Instead, Hobbs’ name has been thrown around as the main perpetrator in the killings of three little boys.

“I don’t see how anybody can stand-up under that kind of scrutiny and not just say enough,” said Pastor Steve Stone with Heartsong Church in Cordova.  Stone spoke on Hobbs’ behalf Friday, “Terry is a kind person, a generous person, a shy and loving person and one who would like to get beyond this and just have a normal life, just like everybody else.”

That’s the feeling we got from Hobbs when we spoke to him Friday.  With tears in his eyes he told News Channel 3 that he is just trying to survive these latest accusations and wishes he could clear his name.  He believes his ex-wife Pam Hicks is accusing him of the murders to somehow make money.  Hobbs says he believes “with all his heart” the killers were already at one time behind bars.

“So you believe he is innocent?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Oh yeah I do,” said Stone.  The pastor says just like authorities did with the West Memphis Three, “Just kinda making up stuff, throwing things against the wall see what sticks” that it’s the same for what’s happening to Hobbs.

“I think the hunger of trying to find a resolution to this is so great,” said Stone.  “I would love to know who did it and how it happened and all that just so it could be put to rest. I think it’s always going to be unknown.”

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One thought on “Terry Hobbs Saddened By Latest Accusations

  1. I have always believed T Hobbs killed these little angels. He was sickened with jealously and it made him mad. His hair was found in a shoe lace gimme a break. With all the commotion and struggling with the boys god made sure everyone would know who did this. Look what OJ did and those were 2 adults he took down and fought and killed like animals so i dont hear how it could be impossible to kill 3 boys cause it aint ! The children knew Mr Hobbs and listened to his orders when confronted . kids do that when they are scared. This case isnt over and the DA and police would rather sweep it all under the carpet rather than look stupid! My heart and prayers go out to the families this marks the 25th year how sad.

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